Kemba Walker Was’Heavily Pursued’ From Lakers Last Summer


Kemba Walker spent the first eight decades of his career in Charlotte. During that course, he had been a three-time NBA All-Star however went into the playoffs , among which had been when the group was nevertheless the Charlotte Bobcats.

Following the 2018-19 year, Charlotte had the chance to signal Walker to another significant contract, finally making him a Hornet for the remainder of his prime. Looking to avoid the luxury tax, they provided Walker significantly less compared to supermax contract extension that he qualify for. This led to him deciding to initiate a new chapter and think about different groups as a free agent.

Based on Tony Luong of The New York Times,” Walker was chased by the Los Angeles Lakers, the Dallas Mavericks along with the group he grew up nearest to, the New York Knicks. He ended up with all the Boston Celtics only 1 minute to the official free service period.

That is not the first time we’ve discovered the Lakers were targeting Walker but it’s the first time we have gotten a supply that Walker has immediately informed himself.

Marc Stein reported that he would be a top goal in free agency following trading for Anthony Davis, which is not surprising considering Walker was among the best free agents from the class. It was reported by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports which Jimmy Butler was on Los Angeles’ brief list of top free agent aims.

Looking back, the Lakers finally did not get the next superstar they had been targeting to perform together with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Although incorporating Walker could have left the Lakers even more hazardous than they are today, they were the best group in the Western Conference this year and are a favorite to advance to the Western Conference Finals.

Only time will tell if the Lakers striking out on Walker is going to result in them not winning the NBA championship they’re pursuing.



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