Carmelo Anthony’s Letter to Future Kings and Queens


Directed by Guest Editor Carmelo Anthony, SLAM’s brand new magazine concentrates on social justice and activism as seen through the lens of basketball. 100 percentage of profits will be donated to charities supporting issues affecting the Black community.  Grab your copy .

P.E.A.C.E. youngin’–

you might feel stuck. You might feel lost. You might be confused. I am certain that to have numerous questions. The unknown is what keeps you up at night, however I would like you to understand your ideas are POWERFUL. Believe me once I say this, you’ll receive through this fog and doubt. Know you can do whatever you put your mind to. Learn how to trust your own instinct. Do away with this doubt. Challenge your fears, conquer them and make them your strengths. Your circumstances don’t define who you are as a young guy, particularly a black boy. It is difficult for me to tell you to not be fearful. I am still afraid.

The battle of existence is, and always is, a battle against your weakness. Are you going to become cowardly and believe,”I can not do this. I am sure to fail”? Or are you going to challenge the problems which lie ahead with the courage of your convictions and inform yourself,”I AM STRONG! Oh, and incidentally, I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD”? You are likely wondering whether you can get more powerful still. Your fortune in life may fluctuate greatly based on the soul that you keep and where you let it take you. The same as anything else in life, there’ll be good and there’ll be wicked. The trick is in the way you work to overcome this evil, and exploit that power to turn it in to electricity.

Recall these words: LOVE, HELL and RIGHT. If you like it, you may go through hell and with patience and time that you may come out accurately!!!!!!

Provided that you realize that, you’ll have the ability to find out the chicken in the poultry bones. (I understand, that is profound.)

Growing up, I believed it had been cliché when folks told me,”Life is what you make it” or”Be all you can be.”

Now I’m wiser, I know how much these words impacted me. I would like you to understand you’re the future. No, actually –you’re the future!


100 percentage of profits from SLAM’s new dilemma is going to be donated to charities supporting issues affecting the Black community. Grab your copy .

Pictures by Atiba Jefferson.



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