Pope: Gossiping is”plague worse than COVID”


If there is something that’s worse compared to the COVID-19 pandemic, taccording into the pope, it is what happens by the water cooler, over the back fence, in the hair salon and seemingly in the Vatican: Gossip.

“Please sisters and brothers, let us attempt not to gossip,” Pope Francis mentioned about Catholic Church branches during his weekly blessing. “Gossip is a plague worse than COVID. Worse. Let us make a large effort: No gossiping!”

Reports stated he ceased talking out of his prepared text to pounce openly on his regular complaint about gossiping in church communities and the Vatican bureaucracy.

He refused to enter particular details but he said the devil is the”largest gossiper” who’s trying to split the church together with his lies.


He had been talking about a heterosexual passing on the essence of this hypocrisy between personal voice and people face — the requirement to fix others independently when they do anything wrong.

This”fraternal correction” from the Catholic hierarchy was utilized for priests and bishops to fix their activities and behaviours without airing dirty laundry in the public domain.

Survivors of sexual abuse of the Catholic Church have noted that this ideology of personal reprimand evades public punishment — permitting predator priests to abuse victims and superiors to cover up the crimes.

The Associated Press contributed to the report.


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