Newest F1 upgrades and instances in the Red Bull Ring


After seven weeks between the last Grand Prix of this 2019 period and the very first of this 2020 year, we just need to wait for another five times before automobiles return to action following the Austrian Grand Prix. I believe that’s pretty welcome information. This time it’s the Styrian Grand Prix, operate in the Red Bull Ring, exactly the identical monitor as last week. Together with the Grand Prix taking place a week too, this will be quite a busy season. 

Considering that the chequered flag dropped in an abysmal Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday, we have had a lot to chew over. The collision involving Alex Albon and Lewis Hamilton and Hamilton’s following time punishment for you personally. Lando Norris’s brilliant podium. Along with the complete dire straits which Ferrari find themselves , despite Charles Leclerc’s push to next in seventh on the grid.

Oh, and a chap named Fernando declared he will be returning to F1 in 2021 together with his previous group, Renault. Can it be a surprise? Not particularly? Will he manage to rekindle a number of the former glory? It appears improbable in 2021, however in 2022 — if new law changes come into effect — it could be possible. Even if not, it’ll be good to have a driver of Alonso’s calibre back in F1. 

Back into the on-track activity this weekend, however, and Ferrari have brought forward their planned updates. They were originally due to come into effect in the GP next week however, obviously, the situation is much worse than they thought and obtaining some ancient track time to new bits and bobs will be crucial. It’ll be particularly valuable to conduct them on exactly the exact same track as last week. I am not certain I see these completely penalizing the midfield battle together, however. They appear to get a fundamentally inadequate bundle. 

Anyhow, I will be here for the two practice sessions now, to deliver you all of the live updates and analysis from Austria. But Styria. 


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