Zulfi Bukhari Requires Reham into London High Court for’defamation’


LONDON: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Special Assistant Zulfi Bukhari has sued PM Khan’s second former spouse Reham Khan for defamation in the London High Court over allegations made at a tweet which Zulfi Bukhari had private curiosity about the alleged sale of Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan.

The statement that Zulfi Bukhari has obtained legal actions for libel in the Royal Court of Justice in London High Court was created by Reham Khan in a statement she released through her Twitter, asking the public for contributions of around #30,000 to combat the situation.

Reham Khan submitted a connection, sponsored with her son Sahir Khan, which gave a few specifics of this scenario, concentrated solely on the Roosevelt Hotel but this reporter has got details of the complete instance from London High Court which verifies the defamation claim is broader in scope including other Tweets and Retweets, which makes allegations of corruption.

The defamation claim relates to a broadcast by Reham Khan on 6th December 2019 on Youtube within an internet livestream concerning the potential purchase of the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan. The resort is possessed by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and regarded as among the country’s greatest national resources.

Reham Khan tweeted 6 December 2019 which Pakistan’s federal resources were being sold to assist individuals such as Zulfi Bukhari and Aneel Musarrat and called it an act of”robbery”. A hyperlink to a youtube comment was also given from the tweet. The tweet along with the youtube connection were deleted prior to the court action began, it is understood.

Appealing for its service, Reham Khan’s son wrote that”this will be an instance of crucial significance for freedom of expression on issues of demonstrable public attention, Reham Khan just discussed the issue whilst requiring transparency over significant decisions concerning its government’ and”this libel case is an assault on freedom of speech and the rights of Pakistanis. Reham Khan has nothing to gain from talking out regarding the Roosevelt Hotel but has been affected by the collection of events, as most of patriotic Pakistanis are. We have to fight against strategic suppression of these voices.”

Zulfi Bukhari wasn’t available to comment. On the other hand, the court documents reveal that the circumstance is of quite considerable character. Zulfi Bukhari is looking for an apology, retraction of allegations and damages out of Reham Khan.

From the assert papers filed about two weeks before, that the PM’s adviser alleged that Reham Khan”especially” targeted him with regard to the selling of Roosevelt Hotel. Zulfi, whose title appears in court documents as Sayed Zulfi Bukhari, has promised he had been defamed and his reputation was harmed as a consequence of their Roosevelt tweet along with other Tweets and Retweets.

There were five members at the advisory committee (like Razak Dawood) that had been tasked to research the Roosevelt Hotel future. Zulfi’s attorney had promised that their customer maligned, singled out and allegations of corruption and favourtism were created, supposedly, by Reham Khan as when the govt needed to favour him throughout the resort sale.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) govt had put up a committee that was only advisory in character and has been set up to explore all options for its federal loss making thing. The identical questionnaire was dissolved, after making recommendations on hiring a financial adviser and how to look at different financial models to conduct the resort, and the matter had been referred back to the Cabinet Committee on Privatisation (CCoP).

A spokesman in the London High Court reported that the proper trial will occur after about eight weeks. Reham Khan is represented by Hamlins law company and Zulfi has been symbolized by a defamation law specialist company. Reham Khan has denied all allegations and she’s declared to combat the claim.

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