Social Networking erupts as govt releases Consultants’ Strength details


Journalists, that were hit financially from the incumbent regime’s policies involving the press, reacted with tongue-in-cheek’strength disclosures’ of their own in an effort to contrast the normal citizen’s wealth (or lack thereof) with the prosperity of those in power. The News/Combination Photo

The social networking on Sunday erupted following the PTI-led program chose to launch a record of estates and resources, in addition to nationality information, of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s unelected special advisers and assistants in an attempt to boost”transparency”.

The journalist community — that was hit financially from the government’s policies towards social press — reacted with tongue-in-cheek’strength disclosures’ of their own in an effort to comparison the normal taxpayer’s wealth (or lack thereof) together with the prosperity of those in power.

Journalist Ahmad Noorani said that he had been revealing his resources”in the pursuit of transparency”, together with fellow journalists Talat Aslam and Israr Khan.

The journalists’ disclosures emphasized the fiscal stress many people in the profession are beneath, together with many struggling from paycheck to paycheck. 

Though the unelected office-bearers reported countless millions of rupees’ worth of cars and properties, several senior journalists — that have often borne the brunt of internet hate efforts for having contrarian viewpoints — reported they had nothing to their title. 

The disclosures also prompted some to question the prime minister’s own stance on the situation of double nationalities previously. Journalist Anas Mallick wondered exactly what Prime Minister Imran Khan’s strategy could be following seven of his very own advisers were shown to be overseas citizens. 

“Wonder whats his position now?”

Columnist Mosharraf Zaidi had another perspective, saying individuals who ought to be facing the audio were still sitting in the cupboard while the prime minister threw his advisors beneath the bus.

Some brought up the thing it was a national security issue that dual nationals were sitting in top notch encounters on highly-sensitive matters. 

“They don’t have any stake in Pakistan and will fly out the day that they lose office.”

Journalist Amber Rahim Shamsi remarked the concern over conflict of interest proved to be a legitimate and long running , remembering that the very same concerns had been current when ministers in previous governments were discovered to be holding iqamahs (Saudi visa).

Some also defended Dr Moeed Yusuf, the SAPM about the National Security, who’d encouraged the most scrutiny owing to his sensitive portfolio.

Following he explained that he had never held any nationality aside from Pakistani, many came to his defense, calling critics out to instigating a”political witch hunt” by pointing a finger at him.

Writer and former focal point for English networking to Punjab data ministry, Mehr Tarar, defended people holding dual citizenship, stating they”return to Pakistan to serve their nation”.

“Their appointments into high governmental positions are completed after thorough scrutiny, which makes their credentials beyond doubt. Cease passing judgements,” she wrote. 

Some educated the prime minister of his own strong opinions regarding double nationals serving in places of power, employing the disclosures to hold him to account for seemingly not practicing what he firmly believed in not so long past. 

Senior columnist and Geo News analyst Mazhar Abbas indicated that Prime Minister Imran Khan”ought to provide alternative to double national advisor and Special Assistants to concede their foreign nationality should they need keep their standing”.

“Let see how many will concede their US, UK or Canadian nationality,” he added.

Opposition lawmakers also came out in full force, with lots of demanding those holding a double nationality be requested to resign.

PPP General Secretary Nafeesa Shah expressed concern over associates holding dual nationalities becoming part of meetings in which sensitive data is discussed.

“What will Prime Minister Imran Khan do ,” Shah requested in her announcement. “People who used to criticize others for possessing possessions overseas have been discovered to have properties themselves”

She noted that oil adviser Babar Nadeem with stocks in corporate entities produced a conflict of interest.

Senior PPP leader Sherry Rehman also reach out at the prime minister, stating double nationals couldn’t be members of their Parliament.

“Before, Imran Khan was rigorously contrary to people holding dual nationality. The prime minister is shooting yet another u-turn,” Rehman said in a message.

“It could be a topic of fantastic concern if it’s discovered that the prime minister wasn’t conscious of the [the dual nationality of his advisers],” she added.

PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb called for the immediate resignation of those holding dual nationalities.

“Imran Khan, you said people that hold dual nationalities or passports cannot sit in Parliament: how do you currently let the very same men and women make decisions for the people of the nation,” she inquired.

“People that have foreign passports shouldn’t be permitted to be part of this Cabinet,” she added.

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