Residents of Karachi’s upscale Neighborhood Declare protest against DHA over Shortage of Conveniences


KARACHI: Residents of an upscale neighborhood in Pakistan’s southern port town have called a demonstration against the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) within its failure to provide them basic conveniences after the devastation wreaked by the northeast August rains.

As heavy monsoon showers abandoned all the DHA’s regions flooded and without electricity for more than three times, angry inhabitants declared they’d protest against the home authority after this week — Thursday, September 3 — in 12. 30pm out its Stage 1 office.

“We want to register our legitimate right to find the source of basic conveniences of potable water, steady power, powerful discharge and stream of drains and sewerage, removal of dangling power cables & data cables, repairing of broken rods, supplying of safety [as well as] fix & re-carpeting of broken streets,” read a statement by the taxpayers.

An inventory of 22 needs are put forward from the inhabitants of DHA, which contains the return of tax money taken from them under the”Development Charges” head.

The inhabitants said they wanted builders and decision-makers held responsible for building”unworthy stormwater drains”.

The angry residents also have demanded an audit record of this DHA be made public so it could be understood exactly how the taxpayers’ money has been invested.

They called on the ability to eliminate fees and charges on”each sort of action, acceptance and transaction within our homes”.

Following is a listing of 22 requirements the aggrieved residents stated they’ll put forward facing the DHA throughout their demonstration on September 3:

  • Yield the taxation obtained out of Residents in the kind of Development Charges for”stormwater drains” job worth billions that failed entirely
  • Accountability of those builders and decision-makers for all these unworthy Storm Water Drains
  • Immediate elimination of those cement slabs at the center of the streets with holes in them
  • elimination of”charges” and”charges” on every sort of action, approval and trade inside our homes
  • Setup of sewage treatment plant instantly
  • Cease the contamination from 150 million gallons of untreated effluent in DHA to be dropped directly into the sea
  • Sharing of 10 years research report so taxpayers understand how their tax money has been invested
  • Stop reclaiming land in the sea to get more housing with no infrastructure program. This may increase additional drainage/ sanitation issues
  • Cease leasing out vacant plots to the storage of creatures
  • Independent region of storing of creatures
  • Designated Slaughterhouses
  • New global standards drainage system to be set up instantly
  • Immediate repair of broken sewerage lines and streets
  • Hanging wires and phone wires to move underground instantly
  • All power rods to be earthed and each rod be issued security certification by DHA. Saving lives is a joint obligation. All lives issue
  • KESC claims to be taken seriously by DHA. “Non-KE cables on electricity supply infrastructure, like streetlights or even TV, phone or online cables, are a significant security threat, as they harm KE’s infrastructure and also skip security mechanisms.”
  • Beggars eliminated from each road sign
  • All vacant plots to be garbage-free (vacant plots would be the duty of DHA)
  • No longer paying for water. Eliminate the Tanker Mafia immediately. If hydrants could have unlimited water source can’t our homes?
  • No structure on our shores. Spend our money on the drainage system
  • Create a correct method of debris removal and building material spillover on our streets.
  • All of craters in streets because of rains to be appreciated promptly in order to not contribute to greater loss of life 22. Roads awakened for a variety of utilities and abandoned uncarpeted to justify heavy penalties to the builders
  • Cease bringing in officials from all over the nation to head key places in DHA and CBC. Locals of town to be appointed just

Since the first time spell of monsoon rain lashed Karachi on Thursday, many regions of the town, especially the DHA, were bombarded.

Video clips social media revealed how many homes were flooded with rain since the region’s stormwater drains neglected to guarantee water didn’t collect on the streets.

Most sections of DHA remained without electricity for two or more days, resulting in angry protesters gathering at Do Talwar on Saturday night and chanting slogans against the DHA and other governments for the bad infrastructure vulnerable by the rain and incessant energy outages triggered by the heavy showers.

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