PM Imran condemns Assault on Pakistan Stock Exchange


Prime Minister Imran Khan claims the whole country is proud of those soldiers who bravely fought terrorists to stop huge casualties. Photo: Document

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said the whole state was proud of those soldiers who valiantly fought militants who stormed the  Pakistan Stock Exchange  on Monday.

“Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan condemns the terrorist attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange. The security forces reluctantly fought the enemy and thwarted the attack,” PTI’s Shahbaz Gill composed on Twitter.

Gill included the entire country was proud of its courageous soldiers. “I’ve long my heartfelt condolences to the families of the martyrs and beg to the recovery of the wounded.”

Four terrorists had been killed by the authorities about 10am now as soon as they opened fire and killed four security guards and a police sub-inspector.

Armed militants stormed the PSX chemical in a vehicle and tried to enter it in the parking floor side, based on first reports and eyewitness statements. They had been viewed shouldering backpacks and carrying automatic weaponry in an amateur movie recorded by an eyewitness. The arms, and ammunition recovered from them suggested they had come prepared for a lengthy siege.

Not just one terrorist entered the PSX construction: DIG South

It turned out to be a terrorist attack, there is little doubt about it,” explained DIG South. Since security had been beefed up, all of four terrorists were unable to go into the building, they had been stopped out,” he added.

The DIG South reported that the blood has been exhibited on media, within the PSX construction, was of a safety guard rather than the militants who had tried to enter the building.

Kharal thanked safety bureaus for sharing wisdom about a likely attack that helped thwart huge casualties. He explained that if it weren’t for its security guards who put down their lives in the assault and the authorities in addition to rangers employees who acted quickly, the situation might have gotten out of control.

Once more commending the efforts put in by the law enforcement bureaus, Kharal said that trading hadn’t ceased for a moment whilst the assault happened.

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