Pakistani celebs lash out in govt Following Karachi rain


The Pakistani Celebrities have lashed out in the police after torrential rains paralysed town on Thursday

Famous celebrity Muneeb Butt slammed PTI, PPP and MQM-P within the scenario Karachi is now in and accused them of passing the buck to another and not doing enough to the city.

“PTI says it’s the mandate from town but after the 18th Amendment, the provincial government is accountable for the civic issues,” he stated, including”PPP states they cannot operate as they’re denied the agreed discussion under the NFC.”

While referring to Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar, Butt stated,”We don’t have the ability to substitute the sewer ”

Taking to Twitter, Shaniera Akram, spouse of cricket legend Wasim Akram stated she can not think the footage coming from Karachi.

“Can’t think the footage coming from Karachi. Bypass’ full of water, boat containers & cars drifting down highwaysback yards turned into pools & road turned to rivers: The town without any water is currently under water. My Prayers are with you Karachi.”

Meanwhile, celebrities Aijaz Aslam and Sarwat Gilani have prayed for everybody’s safety throughout the rains.

Yet, movie star Mehwish Hayat  was wondering how she’d return home.

” I figure that I might need to telephone a water Uber,” she tweeted.

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