FO summons Indian Care d’affaires to express serious concerns Within Jodhpur Incident


“The daughter of the deceased head of the household has made exceptionally regarding statements, implicating RAW from the murder of her dad,” states FO. — The News/Files

Pakistan on Monday lacked Indian Charge d’affaires to enroll its”serious concerns” within the Jodhpur Incident where Pakistani Hindus, for example children, were found dead under mysterious conditions.

Eleven members of a Pakistani Hindu migrant household were found dead in a farm at Village Lodta Haridasot, district Jodhpur, from the Indian state of Rajasthan on 9 August 2019.

As stated by the Foreign Office’s announcement on Monday, despite High Commission for Pakistan’s continued requests in New Delhi for information concerning the tragic episode, the Indian authorities continued to”preventing the problem”, has revealed only scant details regarding the instance, and has neglected to share any significant details concerning the origin and circumstances of the deaths.

“The daughter of the dead head of their household, Shrimati Mukhi, has made tremendously regarding statements, implicating the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) from the murder of her father, mother and other relatives, supposedly after the bureau failed to convince them to spy Pakistan and dilemma anti-Pakistan statements,” the announcement read.

The Foreign Office underscored that in the pursuit of justice to the bereaved family and to guarantee the security and safety of other Pakistani nationals in India, it had been of utmost significance for the Government of India to become completely clear about this unfortunate episode.

“It was emphasised that because the sufferers of”Jodhpur Incident” were Pakistan nationals, it was incumbent upon the Government of Pakistan to become completely conscious of the situation under which its nationals perished in India,” the announcement read.

The Foreign Office urged that the Indian side to perform an extensive investigation into the topic, offer entry to the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi to the living member of the bereaved family.

It also requested the Indian side to discuss copies of the FIR and the first investigation file, and ease the existence of the High Commission for Pakistan’s agents throughout the post-mortem of these deceased persons without additional delay.

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