Flights from UAE to Pakistan to Begin in Forthcoming week


Regular flights in United Arab Emirates begins in 2 weeks, Consul General Ahmed Amjad Ali, of the Pakistan consulate in Dubai said Saturday.

Ali explained that almost 561 Pakistanis was supplied free air tickets, including that 408 displaced taxpayers were provided food and shelter.

He said that 30,229 Pakistanis was repatriated by Dubai, which comprises 90percent of people who had been stranded.

“A total of 141 flights have flown out of Dubai to Pakistan, from that 138 were controlled by the Pakistan International Airlines,” said the consul general.

He explained that the bodies of 408 Pakistanis who’d died from the coronavirus were also delivered to the flights, whereas 52 was buried in Dubai.

Ali explained that 17,000 ration bags are dispersed by the consulate, in Dubai and surrounding emirate states.

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