‘West Bank annexation could spur EU nations to recognize Palestine’ — Middle East Monitor


Luxembourg warned Israel that if it satisfies its own strategy to annex parts of the West Bank, other European Union nations would recognize Palestine as an independent nation, German everyday Welt reported Wednesday, Anadolu reports.

“So far, nine from 27 EU nations have recognized Palestine as a distinct nation. The majority of these EU countries, such as Hungary or Poland, took this measure whilst belonging to communist systems earlier 1989,” explained Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s foreign ministry.

“However, I believe other EU nations, including massive nations, will consent to recognize Palestine’s very own statehood, if Israel shortly annexes portions of the West Bank. You will find inner concerns in this direction,” he added.

Asselborn urged the EU to take a unified position on Israel’s West Bank annexation program.

He worried”diplomatic pressure” is required to block the program.

Based on a coalition agreement by the new Israeli government, the annexation might have begun on July 1. Up to now nothing has happened.

EU diplomats consider the COVID-19 catastrophe, debate over Israel’s new coalition government, along with a hesitation in Washington accounts for its delay.

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The scenario may nevertheless change again at any moment, EU officials in Brussels were quoted saying.

In the perspective of the EU and the United Nations, the annexation will be”a severe breach of global legislation,” UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was quoted as stating.

Meanwhile, the EU foreign policy leader Josep Borrell allegedly made apparent the annexation couldn’t stay”unchallenged.”

Israel’s new government was expected to introduce its plan last month for executing the so-called”Middle East peace plan” drawn up from the Trump government. The program gives Israel a free hand to annex large areas of the West Bank, such as the Jordan Valley, which the Jewish state occupied in 1967.

Palestinians are vehemently opposed to the Israeli program, fearing it’s going to spark additional bitterness and a brand new wave of violence across the Middle East.


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