We’re well prepared to defend against Israel’s strikes — Middle East Monitor


Lebanon is ready to defend itself from Israel’s attacks, that can be in breach of these 2006 UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution, Lebanese President Michel Aoun said on Saturday.

At a televised address, the president said Israel’s strikes in southern Lebanon had once more flouted UNSC Resolution 1701, which involves complete cessation of hostilities along with Israel’s withdrawal from southern Lebanon.

Aoun claimed that Lebanon remains willing to abide by the settlement and resolving all disputes under UN oversight.

“We are dedicated to safeguard ourselves, our property, our water, and our ability. We won’t compromise on this issue,” he explained.

The president’s remarks come after Israeli forces bombed the border city of Kafr Shuba on July 27 due to a”security incident”

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On exactly the exact same afternoon, Lebanon said it would pay a formal complaint with the UNSC.

The Israeli army claimed it had”thwarted an infiltration attempt by Hezbollah” from the Jabal Ros region.

Hezbollah, but denied the claim, stating:”There wasn’t any conflict or shooting on the role in the events which happened now on the southern boundary in Lebanon, but instead it had been just 1 celebration that was the fearful, anxious, and stressed enemy”

Additionally, it pledged to reply to the killing of one of its own members at”Israeli aggression” at Syria’s capital Damascus a week.

Israel has just increased the amount of troops across its northern borders in expectation of retaliatory attacks by Hezbollah.

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