‘Very few teams want to normalise ties with Israel’ — Middle East Monitor


The very few Arab and Muslim authorities that search the normalisation of ties with Israel don’t represent all of the Muslim country, Hamas Spokesman Hazim Qasim declared on Friday.

Discussing on Quds Day, Qasim predicted on enlarging the resistance to incorporate all Muslim countries to be able to experience the risks surrounding the sacred Islamic and Palestinian town of Jerusalem.

He worried that the Muslim country”should stand together” to be able to oppose the Zionist enterprise.

OPINION:’The End’,” anti-normalisation, Islamofuturism along with the erasure of Palestine

Qasim noted that Quds Day is a sensible representation of the Palestinian cause and the”collective conscience” of this Islamic nation.

“Quds Day demonstrates that the Ummah can resist the Zionist entity, conquer it and push it from Arab and Islamic land,” he professed.


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