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There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know quite well what Israel’s target is at the occupied West Bank. It needs all of Palestine, including the West Bank. All statements and strategies by Israeli leaders regarding annexation need to be looked at within this context.

Following Israeli authorities have established, through a plethora of military legislation and laws, the environment in the West Bank making it feasible to realize their objectives. In addition, the Israelis desire not to possess the property, but also to empty it of its native Palestinian population. Therefore, the Palestinians have to pause, consider and invent a policy to handle this challenge.

Since the late 19past century, the Zionist movement has made it very clear that its aim is to restrain the entire land of Palestine”in the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea”. That old Zionist dream remains living and permeates Israeli politics. Israel has constructed its core plan in Palestine upon this fantasy, which explains why its boundaries continue to be undefined.

Prior to the organization of the country, the Zionist movement utilized a number of tactics to attain its objective of controlling Palestine. Jewish colonies occupied by Jewish immigrants resulted in the eventual expulsion of Palestinians in their towns and villages. It was always a lie to get Zionists to assert that Palestine had been”a land with no people for a people with no land”.

Ever since Israel occupied the Gaza Strip and the West Bank at 1967, it’s used the very same tactics. There weren’t any Jews living in the West Bank in 1967, however from the 1980therefore there were 100,000 in prohibited colonial-settlements. That figure went to 365,000 by 2000, and now you will find 665,000 illegal Jewish settlers from the occupied Palestinian lands. The Israeli occupation authorities do not conceal their intention to increase that to 1 million when possible.

US’ Greenblatt: Earmark property for future Palestine country in exchange for annexation acceptance

Throughout the Camp David discussions in 1999, the then Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak spoke about annexing roughly nine percent of Palestinian land in the West Bank as a member of a property exchange. At the 2007-2008 negotiations, his successor Ehud Olmert provided to annex 12.1 percent of the Palestinian land in exchange for 5.8 percent of property in Israel. Present Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to take over 30 percent of the West Bank under Donald Trump’s”deal of the century”. Controlling Palestinian land is among the most essential approaches used to reach the Zionist dream of”Greater Israel” in all Palestine, whichever party the Israeli prime minister belongs .

The Israeli occupation has sought to disarm the Palestinians from the West Bank, set security control across the entire region and be competitive in preventing any Allied resistance. It utilizes different punitive steps against the people of Palestine that opt to perform legitimate acts of resistance. Such steps include extrajudicial killings, imprisonment and home demolitions. The Zionist state hasn’t only embraced an assassination policy against Palestinian officials and activists, but in addition has killed children between 12 and 16 years old. Again and again through time, kids and adults alike have been taken and left to perish in the front of the eyes of the world. Resistance has come to mean martyrdom from the mind.

Israel insists that any future Palestinian state ought to be demilitarised, but safety and border controllers are just two of the most significant indications of state sovereignty. During its discussions with the Palestinians in 1999, Barak suggested to deploy Israeli troops across the eastern border with Jordan, besides establishing Israeli army websites in strategic regions in the West Bank. During his discussions with the Palestinians at 2008, Olmert suggested renting the Jordan Valley for a decade, and keeping security and military websites all around the West Bank. Trump’s deal of the century provides Israel complete security control over the West Bank, including the border with Jordan.

In all this, the strategy is to become as much Palestinian land as possible, with as few Palestinians onto it as you can, if any at all. From the 1948 Nakba, Zionist terror gangs as well as the Dominion”Israel Defence Forces” drove 800,000 Palestinians off their land at gunpoint — and murdered many in the procedure — to be able to construct their own state. If Israel is to attain the Zionist dream, so it’s very likely to take another step and attempt to expel the Palestinians in the West Bank.

The proof for this is currently there. To be able to lower the amount of Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem, Israel continues to be devoting their ID cards and prohibiting them from living there if they depart Jerusalem for a particular amount of time. What’s more, the Zionist state has imposed a siege on the Gaza Strip because 2007, also waged three important military offensives, forcing tens of thousands of Palestinians to leave their houses, most of which have been ruined. Jewish terrorist lands from the West Bank assault Palestinians and their territory frequently, as well as impunity. They are typically shielded by the so-called”Israel Defence Forces” during these attacks. Trump’s deal suggests the expulsion of 300,000 Palestinian citizens from Israel as a part of his strategy to redraw the boundary together with any prospective Palestinian state. This notion was increased from the past by right-wing extremist Avigdor Lieberman, a former Defence and Foreign Minister.

The entire Middle East is threatened by the Israeli occupation 

A substantial amount of Israeli Jews agree with their authorities’ plan of transferring Palestinians from historical Palestine. Between a third and a half of Israeli Jews think that it’s”necessary” to eliminate its Arab citizens in the Zionist state. Most who engaged in this specific poll which has been conducted with the Israeli Democratic Institution in 2019 also encourage the transfer of Palestinians from some other territory that’s annexed. The Israeli people is strongly inclined toward the right-wing, and also have endorsed the extremist Netanyahu to function as longest-serving Prime Minister in American background.

The Palestinians currently require an urgent national plan to face the Israeli program. It’ll be required to build their powerful capabilities and attempt to turn their weaknesses into strengths. Over fifty percent of those Palestinians are still living in historical Palestine, equivalent to the amount of Israeli Jews, despite all Zionist efforts to decrease the Palestinian people and cease their legal immunity.

The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) remains legally valid, however, has to be reformed. Though Israel has succeeded in dividing Palestinians between the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jerusalem, Israel (Palestine occupied in 1948) along with the diaspora, the PLO can lead them to operate together using different approaches to reach a single, combined aim.

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