Israel to create 200 Palestinians displaced in West Bank — Middle East Monitor


Israeli occupation forces will demolish a Palestinian village located at the north of the occupied West Bank, displacing over 200 individuals, Wafa news agency reported.

Mahmoud Amarneh, mind of Farasin village council, advised Wafa the Israeli soldiers raided the village this afternoon and issued 36 demolition requests for whole buildings and historical water wells.

He explained the army warned that the inhabitants that the demolition is going to be implemented in a couple of times

The village, home to 200 Palestinians, is situated west of Jenin and is made up of a 200-year old nicely and several historical buildings. Thus, Amarneh is advocating international intervention to stop Israel from committing a massacre in town.

Israel’s broadly practiced policies of house demolitions targeting whole families are actions of illegal collective punishment and come in direct violation of International Human Rights Law.

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founders of Israel’s conclusion have pointed into the endless number of construction permits issued to Palestinians and assert the demolition paves the way for a new Israeli settlement.

Amarneh reiterated the Israeli occupation government would like to take over the village so as to expand illegal settlements constructed in that region.

The majority of the global community believes Israeli settlements from the West Bank to be illegal.

Palestinians seek an independent country in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, areas captured by Israel from the 1967 war.


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