Israel soldiers ruin Palestinian coronavirus testing center — Middle East Monitor


Israeli soldiers demolished a Palestinian security checkpoint utilized to check coronavirus from the occupied West Bank, based on  Wafa news agency.

The checkpoint was set up by Palestinian security forces in the entrance into the occupied West Bank town of Jenin to protect against the spread of this virus.

A total of 468 fresh coronavirus cases and three deaths from the disease had been listed in the occupied Palestinian territories previously 24 hours, also supported that the Ministry of Health now, leaving the busy instances in 8,360 and total deaths at 65.

It included that 40 patients are in intensive care units, including three put on respirators, with no reports of recoveries.

Israeli forces also hurt a Palestinian man in the Jenin refugee camp, reported Wafa.

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Local sources said soldiers stormed Jenin and its refugee camp early this morning to detain activists. Occupation forces shot at Palestinians in the region, according to the reports, injuring one person from the leg.

Two individuals were detained ahead of the soldiers left the town along with the checkpoint was ruined.

Regardless of the coronavirus epidemic, Israeli governments continue to mistreat that the most vulnerable Palestinian communities from the occupied West Bank, as a part of decades-long tries to drive them from the region, and also to likewise mistreat Palestinians from East Jerusalem.

According to B’Tselem, last month saw a spike in Israeli demolitions, which abandoned 151 Palestinians, such as 84 minors, displaced — despite the threat of staying without shield in a pandemic.


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