Female protest leader gunned down in Iraq’s Basra — Middle East Monitor


A feminine activist was murdered on Wednesday and three others injured when unidentified gunmen opened fire on their vehicle in the southern Iraqi town of Basra, safety and wellness sources advised Reuters.

This was the third incident this week where gunmen targeted an anti-government political activist, following a activist was killed and four others had their auto fired upon in another event.

Reham Yacoub was gunned down Wednesday by assault rifle brandishing gunmen on the rear of a bike, the sources told Reuters. She had been activist at the neighborhood protest movement because 2018 and had headed many women’s marches.

The current wave of violence started when activist Tahseen Osama was assassinated on Friday, prompting a recurrence of road demonstrations for three times where security forces started live fire on protesters that lobbed the sheriff’s home with stones and petrol bombs and blocked many main streets.

Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi subsequently sacked the Basra authorities and federal security chiefs on Monday and ordered an investigation into the violence that calmed protesters down.

Kadhimi occurred in April, becoming the third largest Iraqi leader of government in a disorderly 10-week period that followed months of deadly protests from the nation, that has been drained by years of sanctions, war, and corruption and financial struggles.

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