Annexation of West Bank that a’historic mistake’ — Middle East Monitor


Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni maintained on Friday the Israeli annexation of large areas of the occupied West Bank is a”enormous historic error”, CNN reported.

A few days before, Livni informed The Washington Post that:”Israel is going to create one of the most fateful choices in its history — a choice which will have a deep effect on its potential as a Jewish democratic country and about the prospect of peace.”

She added:”The Israeli cabinet is on the point of unilaterally annexing lands in the West Bank.”

“This isn’t a technical matter. It’s a question which has an immediate bearing on the nature of the nation of Israel — its own individuality, its own values and its potential.”

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Livni expressed her belief in the calm and secure coexistence with the Palestinians, stressing that the annexation would undermine this.

“It isn’t a massive error for Israel alone, but also for the Palestinians, also.”


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