Poland to withdraw from European treaty aimed at preventing violence towards girls


Poland’s right-wing government claims it’s going to withdraw from a European treaty aimed at preventing violence against girls.

The Istanbul Convention is the world’s first binding tool to avoid violence against girls however, the Polish Justice Minister, Zbigniew Ziobro, clarified the text as”dangerous” because it demands that schools educate kids about sex from a sociological perspective.

Ziobro said over the weekend which on Monday he will start preparing the proper procedure to take away from the treaty.

“This philosophical component is connected to the imperative to shift instruction in schools and beyond school applications, concerning learning, attitudes, convictions of the young Polish creation of pupils to create, in our view, the false premise that biological gender is primitive, and in reality everything comes down to the same-sex sex.”

In Ziobro’s view, the conference’s articles regarding the schooling of children and young individuals in addition to family connections in the LGBT circumstance aren’t acceptable.

“We also deny the LGBT part of encouraging family connections, an opinion propagated by activists from homosexual or left-handed circles that wish to translate their beliefs into binding legislation,” he explained.

The Council of Europe said on Sunday it’s”alarmed” which Poland is planning to draw from the Convention.

Back in Warsaw on Friday, approximately two,000 individuals such as women’s groups and other rights activists held a demonstration in front of the offices of Ordo Luris, a right-wing organisation which supports withdrawal in the conference.

“We won’t be victims” they chanted.

Demonstrations were also held at other Polish cities.

Poland signed the Istanbul Convention for the prevention and fighting violence against women and domestic violence in December 2012 and ratified it in 2015.


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