Hella Mewis: German’kidnapped in Iraq’ as government faces pressure to rein in armed groups


A German girl who’s notable on Iraq’s art scene was kidnapped in Baghdad, security officers and activists said on Tuesday.

Hella Mewis has dwelt in the Iraqi capital for seven decades and conducts on an arts program for young people within the town in addition to becoming a rights activist.

Mewis was obtained from beyond the Beit Tarkib arts center Baghdad’s Abu Nawas street around 8 pm Monday evening by armed men in two vehicles, 1 security official and individual rights monitors said.

Her acquaintances and friends have required her release on societal websites employing the hashtag #freedom_for_hella.

The Iraqi Ministry of the Interior affirmed to German news agency DPA that security forces were searching for Mewis.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, on a trip to Athens on Tuesday, said his ministry had set that a crisis task force to take care of her disappearance, according to the news outlet, but he didn’t need to discuss the situation in detail given the sensitive nature of this circumstance.

Her kidnap came in the aftermath of unrest and protests that proceeded across Baghdad and Iraq’s southwest, which will be majority Shia, in October.

Demonstrators called out the nation’s government stating it had been incompetent, corrupt and jumped to Iran.

The violence which was sparked in the months-long protests saw over 500 murdered, including many well-known activists that were captured in Baghdad and other towns such as speaking out against armed groups.

AP news agency stated Mewis was a fervent supporter of this mass anti-government protests.

Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, who travelled to Tehran on Tuesday on an official trip, has promised to rein in armed groups.

But pressure is mounting on the government to behave after having a string of rocket attacks targeting US installations, in addition to assassinations and disappearances in Iraq.

“We call on the Iraqi security police to try seriously and expeditiously to hunt for her,” said activist Hana Edwar, through a press conference after her disappearance.

Two weeks ago, armed men killed internationally-renowned historian and terrorism specialist Hisham al-Hashimi, an Iraqi, at Baghdad.

National media led suspicion at Iranian-backed militia along with the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS), but no group has claimed responsibility for the killing.

Political commentators have implied Hashemi’s departure was embroiled in the battle between Kadhimi, who’s US-friendly, and strong Iran-backed militias.

Mewis has been”outraged” in al-Hashimi’s murdering, DP mentioned her buddy activist Sirka Sarsam of those NGO Burj Babel as stating.

Sarsam known as her abduction”an individual tragedy”.

The Iraqi author Najem Wali, who resides in Germany, in 2017 explained Mewis into the weekly German news magazine Der Spiegel as a female that, in contrast to Iraqi conventions, enter cafés, wears her hair loose and seldom reaches to get a headscarf.

In 2016, she ordered a women’s bike protest on the banks of the Tigris river.


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