‘Environmental crisis’ announced in Mauritius over mass carrier oil flow


Mauritius declared there was an ecological crisis after oil began leaking from a majority carrier which had run aground at the southeast of the island. )

“We’re in a scenario of ecological catastrophe,” Kavy Ramano, the environment ministry of this island country located in the Indian Ocean explained.

The ministry asked that people not visit the shore or in certain lagoons.

The company ran aground on July 25 near Pointe d’Esny that’s recorded under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, and close to the marine park of Blue Bay.

“That is actually the first time that we’re confronted with a disaster of the sort, and we’re insufficiently equipped to deal with this issue,” explained Fishing Minister Sudheer Maudhoo.

The ministers stated that attempts to stabilise the boat had failed due to rough seas, and attempts to pump the oil out had failed.

Ecologists fear that the boat could split, which would lead to a much larger escape and inflict potentially devastating harm on the island’s shoreline.

The nation depends crucially on its own seas for food and also for tourism, highlighting some of the best coral reefs on the planet.


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