Rwanda’s president says’Hotel Rwanda’ hero Needs to stand trial


KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) — Rwanda’s president claims the guy portrayed as a hero from the movie”Hotel Rwanda” will stand trial for supposedly encouraging rebel violence.

President Paul Kagame, appearing on national television Sunday, failed to clarify how Paul Rusesabagina has been attracted to Rwanda where he’s been held in custody for at least a week.

Rusesabagina is credited with rescuing 1,200 resides during Rwanda’s 1994 genocide by allowing people shelter from the hotel he had been handling throughout the mass killings. Presently he is accused of encouraging rebel violence in Rwanda.

“Rusesabagina heads a group of terrorists who have killed Rwandans. He might need to cover all these crimes.,” said Kagame on a broadcast where he had been asked questions by local journalists and audiences. “Rusesabagina gets the bloodstream of Rwandans on his palms.”

He explained Rusesabagina’s trial is going to be held publicly and ran fairly.

“We’re obligated to try it,” said Kagame. “We need to do things in a ideal way.”

Kagame failed to clarify how Rusesabagina, who’d lived out Rwanda because 1996 and is a citizen of Belgium and contains a U.S. permanent residence permit, turned up in Rwanda a week but indicated he came of his own accord.

“Imagine if somebody told me that he brought himself even though he might not have planned it? You’ll be surprised how he got here. He wasn’t kidnapped or hoodwinked. His forthcoming to Rwanda has to do with himself than anyone else,” said Kagame.

Kagame implied that Rusesabagina was told that a story that fit into his hopes and finished up in Rwanda. “There wasn’t any kidnap in the practice of earning Rusesabagina here. It was really flawless!” said Kagame. “When the time comes he’ll tell the narrative he led himself ”

Kagame said the others were Rusesabagina’s accomplices in alleged brutal pursuits and have been arrested and are facing trial in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital.

Rusesabagina’s family and fans, however, state Rwandan police have denied him access to an attorney almost a week following the outspoken government critic was paraded in handcuffs and convicted of terrorism.

The Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation stated Rusesabagina has no consular visits, and it refused the Rwandan government’s claim that it had spoke to his sons about a prospective trip as”not correct.”

“Paul’s spouse has called the prison and hasn’t yet been permitted to speak to him” it said on Saturday.

The household has said they think he had been”kidnapped” through a trip to Dubai which he wouldn’t have boarded a plane for Rwanda’s capital, Kigali.

Rusesabagina had been granted the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom at 2005 for saving the lives of over 1,200 individuals as a resort manager during Rwanda’s 1994 genocide where a number 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were murdered.

Rwandan police haven’t shared any worldwide arrest warrant. They’ve known”international cooperation” but provided no specifics.

Rwandan police granted what they called a”exclusive” interview with Rusesabagina into a Kenyan newspaper, The East African American, where he stated he was treated with”kindness” while in custody in Rwanda but didn’t talk about the accusations against him or her the way he had been apprehended.

It isn’t apparent when Rusesabagina will appear in court. Rwandan law states a defendant can maintain provisional detention for 15 days, renewable for up to 90 days.

The Rwandan government has stated it issued an arrest warrant for Rusesabagina to answer charges of serious crimes including terrorism, arson, kidnap, and murder committed against unarmed civilians. Police called him that the supposed”founder, pioneer, host and member of violent, armedforces, extremist terror outfits such as the Rwanda Movement for Democratic Change.”

Rwanda points into a video posted on line in 2018 where Rusesabagina states”it is crucial in 2019 we accelerate the liberation struggle of the Rwandan people… the time has arrived for us to use any way possible to bring about change in Rwanda, as all political methods have been attempted and failed.”

The MRCD has an armed wing, the National Liberation Front, that’s been convicted of attacks within Rwanda in 2018 and 2019. Rwanda detained NLF spokesman Callixte Nsabimana this past year.

Rusesabagina previously has denied the charges he supports Rwandan rebels, saying he’s being targeted at criticizing the Kagame government over individual rights abuses.

Rusesabagina’s detention has prompted concern among human rights activists this was the most recent case of the Rwandan authorities targeting critics beyond its own borders.

The U.S. government has stated it anticipates the Rwandan authorities to provide”efficient treatment, adhere to the principle of law and offer a fair and transparent legal procedure” to get Rusesabagina.


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