Philippines Shop rolls out smart face masks for bubble tea Fans


Photo courtesy of @gallontea/ / Instagram

TAIPEI (The China Post) — In the last few decades, bubble tea is now synonymous with Taiwan amongst associates and members of the overseas community, and lots of locals may often be seen drinking hand-shaken drinks where they move.

Together with the COVID-19 outbreak and the following needs of wearing face masks in crowded locations, nevertheless, drinking soft drinks has turned into a small hassle.

To fix this issue, a drink shop in the Philippines recently published a new field of face masks which you won’t have to carry off to enjoy a sip out of your favourite beverage.

The”Sippy Mask” published by Gallontea seems to be an ordinary fabric face mask, but if you look carefully, you might discover there is a small opening near the moutharea, using a little for bubble-tea fans to enjoy a drink that is safe.

1598255056 277 Philippines store rolls out smart face masks for bubble tea
Photo courtesy of @gallontea/Instagram

In their official Instagram webpage, Gallontea declared that clients can be given a complimentary face mask with a minimum purchase of 1,000 pesos (US$20. 59).

Though the pre-order period was just till Aug. 18 along with the masks are only being marketed in the Philippines, together with the way it is selling out, a lot of individuals have expressed hope that clients will see that this ingenious innovation on Taiwan stands very shortly.

Yet, users of their face masks must be aware of shutting the opening when they have taken a sip out of the beverages or the action of wearing face masks could be rendered useless.

1598255057 541 Philippines store rolls out smart face masks for bubble tea
Photo courtesy of @gallontea/Instagram

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