Court upholds South Africa’s cigarette sales ban in lockdown


JOHANNESBURG (AP) — An attempt to lift South Africa’s ban on cigarette sales throughout the nation’s coronavirus lockdown has neglected.

The High Court in the capital, Pretoria, on Friday dismissed a bid from the Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association, which represents smaller manufacturing companies. The team argued that smokes should be considered necessary since they’re addictive.

People who want the ban lifted argue that South Africa’s government has not clarified the science it states it relied upon if imposing the ban in the end of March. The government has said it’s attempting to protect people’s wellbeing.

Some critics also warn that the ban fuels the illegal commerce of smokes. The ban outlaws selling tobacco but not the action of smoking.

Anger climbed when South Africa raised its lockdown ban on alcohol sales on June 1.

Still another legal obstacle into this cigarette ban, together with international business giant British American Tobacco carrying South Africa’s government to court, has started.


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