Was paid 1,000 to acquire tonsured,’Nepalese’ youth informs cops at Varanasi | Varanasi News


VARANASI: The”Nepalese” childhood tonsured from the fringe saffron outfit Vishwa Hindu Sena at Varanasi in protest against Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s opinions about Lord Ram asserts he had been paid $ 1,000 from the VHS to consent to get his head shaved.
On Saturday, two weeks following his video moved viral, the childhood – Dharmendra Singh – appeared prior to the Varanasi authorities of his own accord and maintained his family was in India for many generations, he retains both an Aadhaar and a Indian voter ID card, which his ancestors arrived from Nepal.
The authorities have so far detained six individuals involved with the alleged pressured tonsuring. The primary accused, VHS chief Arun Pathak, nevertheless, remains evading arrest. SSP Amit Pathak stated on Saturday additional evaluation was on and they had been engaged in a manhunt for Arun Pathak.
The SSP said Dharmendra (25) resides in government quarters in Bhelupur region together with his brother, a Jal Sansthan worker.
In Video:had been paid Rs 1,000 from Vishwa Hindu Sena to Acquire tonsured,’Nepalese’ youth informs cops in Varanasi


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