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Varanasi: At a push against fish commerce mafia components patronised by condemned mafia don-turned-MLA Mukhtar Ansari, Varanasi authorities on Tuesday detained four persons together with 20 quintals of fish of prohibited species. Mau cops also detained one individual and declared cash rewards of Rs 25,000 on others after reserving them under Gangster Act.
SSP Varanasi Prabhakar Chawdhary stated,”The Mukhtar-backed fish commerce mafia Mohd Salim, who had been detained with others on Monday, had disclosed the names of the providing banned species of bass Thai Mangur. Following it, the combined group of authorities, food security and drug management and fishery department spanned their areas in Varanasi and adjacent districts.”
One joint team headed by Lanka authorities succeeded in arresting Rambalak Sahani of Rohania, Gurucharan Singh of Lanka and Santosh Yadav of Chandauli, he said , a different group under Shivpur cops detained Viketar alias Viru of Undi region. But ahead of the cops could raid the area of Maksood Alam at the Nadesar region, he was able to escape. At least 15 qt of Thai Mangur fish has been recovered from the area of Viru while five quintal of fish of the very same species had been recovered in the area of Alam. The price of recovered fish has been 2. 10 lakhs.
Chawdhary stated all these detained persons were procuring Thai Mangur consignments from Kolkata to provide it to Salim, who’s a close partner of Mukhtar and operates to boost the financial empire of the condemned don. Salim’s group includes a monopoly in fish trade in the district for nearly two decades and extorts money for a great many fish dealers by applying the terror of Mukhtar.
He added,”This group hasn’t allowed the entrance of others within this particular trade. They’ve all confessed to having fulfilled Mukhtar from the prison before.”
On Monday, Salim was detained along with his two accomplices after a raid of a combined team of police and other divisions in Bunglow-51 of Cantonment region, in which a pond full of plants with banned species had been recovered. According to authorities, Salim had obtained assurance of Mukhtar to find bail from court in a murder case 20 years back while he’d also contested on prior political celebration of don’s household Qaumi Ekta Dal in 2012 meeting polls.
Underneath their continuing push against Mukhtar’s henchmen, the Mau cops initiated activity against three bass commerce mafia. SP Mau Anurag Arya reported that one Mohd Ismail of Andhra Pradesh was detained while Parasnath Sonkar and Chhotai Sonkar of district have been absconding. He explained that three had been reserved under Gangster Act while money rewards of Rs 25,000 was declared on Parasnath and Chhotai each.
For the last couple of months that the henchmen and gangs of criminals enjoying financing of Mukhtar and raising the prosperity of his empire are still at the line of fire together with the intensifying push against organised crime by authorities in Varanasi zone. On June 26, Mau authorities had reserved one Ankur Rai and nine additional members of his group beneath Gangster Act since the cops discovered he assisted Mukhtar gang in its own operation.
On May 31, Mau authorities declared cash rewards of Rs 25,000 on every one of those 11 members of a gang involved in extorting money in the title of automobile racks beneath Mukhtar’s patronage. Four of these were detained on June 25.
Moreover the cops also broken down to the operations of illegal slaughter houses and fish commerce by Mukhtar’s henchmen.
Ghazipur authorities had initiated actions against Mukhtar’s henchmen, who’d retained land of suggested airstrip in Andhau area for ages.


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