Dog bites goat, conflict follows between two sisters in Uttar Pradesh village | Varanasi News


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SONBHADRA: At a eccentric episode , a dog little goat and this resulted in some violent conflict involving 2 brothers who owned the creatures here.
Three men were severely hurt in the episode and the status of these is reportedly critical.
The puppy was crushed to death in the episode which happened in Dhanaura village beneath Duddhi police officer on Monday.
According to reports, two brothers, Shankar Prasad and also Ramrati live in adjacent homes.
Ramrati possesses a goat while Shankar Prasad needed a puppy. The puppy ventured into Ramrati’s house and piece his goat.
An enraged Ramrati together with his fans went into his brother’s house along with the verbal duel shortly became violent as fans of both also united in.
Shankar Prasad’s wife and son, who tried to intervene, were assaulted with streets and sticks. Shankar Prasad was injured in an axe attack.
The fans of Ramrati, meanwhile, beat the dog to death.
A FIR was afterwards bombarded by Shankar Prasad and three men have been detained in relation to the clash.
Sonbhadra SP Ashish Srivastava reported that the thing was under investigation and actions could be taken against the accused, three of whom were detained.


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