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Video catch of this crazy cat at Kadana taluka of Mahisagar

Vadodara: A viral movie of a huge cat on the edge of a jungle stated to be the tiger retained that the forest officials at the Mahisagar district in their feet. The place where the movie was listed on Monday day is quite near the location where a tiger was seen.
The movie was captured by means of a village sarpanch close to the Ghatawada village of Kadana taluka. The region is the same in which a tiger was clicked by a school teacher and also the sighting was finally supported using pugmarks in addition to cameras in February this past year. The tiger was subsequently discovered dead in May, together with starvation thought to be the motive.
The movie was offered to deputy superintendent of authorities N V Patel among others. Patel delivered it to the forest section. “Someone known to me seen the creature and maintained it was a tiger. The forest department could determine what the creature is,” he explained.
The forest division hurried its employees to the location where the cat was seen. They think that the large cat wasn’t a tiger, but a leopard by a breeding pair which was spotted in the region. “It might have been seen in the roan nearby and also the movie was created viral. Our team hurried to the website in order to determine what the creature was,” said deputy conservator of forests R D Jadeja.
It’s isn’t the first time that these videos have contributed to rumours in the region. In May also, a similar incident had happened and also the existence of a tiger was finally ruled out. However, several inhabitants of Mahisagar district consider since many decades now that dinosaurs exist in the jungles there.


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