Vadodara schools document 100% leads to Class X, XII tests | Vadodara News


Vadodara: All 139 pupils from town cleared their Course 10 and Class 12 assessments, as the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi announced the outcome on Friday.
2 city-based colleges _ Nalanda International School and Billabong High International School _ scored 100percent leads to ICSE (Course 10) and ISC (Course 12) examinations.
Even though 88 pupils from both the colleges cleared their Course 10 examinations, 51 pupils cleared their Course 12 examinations.
Shoba Menon, leader of Nalanda International School, educated TOI there were 71 pupils in Class 10 and 40 in Class 12.
“In Course 10, Jainam Shah bagged the maximum percent (99.2 percent in greatest five) and scored cent percent in history/civics, maths and computer software,” she explained.
In Course 12, Adit Desai topped the faculty in mathematics with 95.8percent while Archie Shah topped trade stream with 95.4percent and Malika Dand topped in humanities with 93.3%.
“For the tenth consecutive year, our 10th batch pupils of Course 10 have procured 100percent benefits. The faculty is Teeshtha Parmar with 99%,” explained Dr Priti Shrimal, chief of Billabong High International School.
“The Course 12, that was our first time batch,’d 11 pupils and they also have made us pleased with 100percent leads to all three flows,” she explained.
Shruthi Prabhu topped the faculty from humanities with 95. 75percent while Ashna Desai topped in science flow 94.5%. ) In trade flow, Binoy Soni and Meha Babaria topped the faculty with 77. 75%. )


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