Three captured selling 15 reddish sand boas at Narmada | Vadodara News


The trio in custody; (R) Crimson sand boas rescued

Vadodara: The forest division on Friday rescued 15 reddish sand boas in the ownership of 3 guys from Narmada district that had been hoping to market the endangered reptiles.
The trio was detained when they attempted to market to one of those decoy clients delivered from the forest department.
The division, with the Support of Vadodara Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Animal Welfare Board of India, had been running the operation to snare the wildlife smugglers.
“We’d obtained a tip-off concerning the accused being responsible for reddish sand boas. They used to get prospective clients and guarantee them to market the snake anywhere between Rs 40 and Rs 50 lakh. They had to broker the deal and also take a certain amount beforehand,” stated Jatin Vyas, an animal activist, adding that the team could vanish after accepting the progress.
“Throughout the decoy client we learnt that the accused have tricked around eight individuals in an identical manner and took lakhs of rupees,” Vyas added.
The accused trio was recognized as Narendra Vasava, Atul Vasava and Faiyaz from Dediapada taluka. They had been enticed from the village from the decoy client on Friday.
The accused captured the boas in the woods of Dediapada. In July this year, the forest division in Vadodara had nabbed five individuals hoping to market a reddish sand boa for Rs 42 lakh.


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