Rift surfaces one of BCA control over Bedade issue | Vadodara News


Vadodara: A significant rift has surfaced one of the top management of the Baroda Cricket Association (BCA) within the withdrawal of former India cricketer Atul Bedade’s suspension as Baroda women’s cricket coach. BCA president Pranav Amin on Tuesday composed an email to all apex council members and advocated a letter saying that Bedade’s suspension was revoked be issued instantly.
However, BCA secretary, Ajit Lele has vowed to sign the letter and required that the query against Bedade be finished with appropriate procedure. “I’d signed up the suspension record of Bedade that additionally said the allegations of harassment would be asked. But bulk members of this apex council chose to reverse his suspension when the question was not over. I’d objected to the revocation from the council match also,” Lele told TOI.
“I refused to sign the letter revoking his suspension because the question against him has not been finished. The BCA must finish the inquiry into allegations from Bedade and prepare a report,” Lele added. Aside from Lele, BCA joint secretary, Parag Patel and also two other apex council members had voted against revoking Bedade’s suspension while eight members consented to revocation before this season.
“Amin has said in his email that when the secretary does not signal the letter of suspension revocation subsequently the BCA president or CEO would sign it,” Lele said.
“Lele had dissented against revocation of Bedade’s suspension at the apex council. However, the apex council needed by bulk chose to draw suspension of Bedade also it’s abiding about the BCA,” said Sheetal Mehta, vice-president, BCA.
“Lele’s registering the correspondence does not mean he’s encouraging the revocation. He’s got to sign it like a protocol as he’s the secretary,” Mehta added.
Fiftytwo-year-old Bedade, that had been coach of Baroda women’s cricket team, was suspended by BCA in March this year following a senior girl cricketer registered a complaint of harassment .
The institution had pioneered inquiry into the issue but earlier this month that the administration stated that the complainant chose to not pursue the criticism and consequently Bedade’s suspension had been revoked. Conclusion, however, has been taken to not keep him women’s cricket club coach.


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