MSU mock online examination ends in a fiasco, portal crashes | Vadodara News


Student union leaders stage protest against the VC on Saturday

VADODARA: M S University‘s first try to run online examination become a mockery of types on Saturday.
The college had developed its own examination portal site for holding the examinations where the first mock evaluation had been scheduled on Saturday morning. However, as tens of thousands of students attempted to get the test portal site, they obtained message of’server error’,’service unavailable’ amongst others, since the portal site crashed within seconds.
MSU was the first publicly financed faculty of Gujarat to create this effort.
Ahead of the first test, obtaining user identification and password had become an ordeal for pupils, who’d kept waiting for the specifics until last minute. On Saturday, when they attempted to get the portal, the majority of them could just not log. Individuals who logged in confront obstacles of reduced rate and other technical mistakes.
Officials verified the nearly 4,000 pupils who were assumed to look for the examinations, over 3,000 pupils couldn’t login.
The college officials predicted it as a cyber attack from unidentified outside’bureaus and hackers’.
“Since Friday evening, a few skilled hackers and agencies were attempting to hurt and hack on our portal site. You will find lots of technical hitches that pupils faced now,” explained K M Chudasama, officiating registrar of MSU, including that the college will enroll a FIR with cyber crime.
“They have never been effective in their effort however there’s been some harm. We’ll produce the server powerful and protected and the dates of mock evaluation and semester-end examinations will likely be announced. Both the examinations will stay postponed till afterward,” he explained.
While the tests were scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, the semester-end examinations by which over 17,000 pupils were to be look, were scheduled in August 5 onwards.


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