Bootlegger flees with cop’s gun | Vadodara News


Vadodara: A bootlegger returned together with the support weapon of a sub-inspector if he had been stopped by a police party at Devgadh Baria at Dahod district on Saturday evening.
The cops out of Devgadh Baria police station were about the lookout close to the office of executive magistrate on Saturday evening since they’d received an information that the accused, Mukesh Panchal, could be departure from there in an automobile with a liquor inventory.
Panchal’s automobile was intercepted by the cops in the place. After sub-inspector Narvatsinh Selot ceased Panchal and attempted to remove his automobile key, Panchal grabbed his hands. Selot attempted to spare his left hand with his other hand. The cop had held his support gun at the other hand. At the scuffle, Selot pulled Panchal’s automobile’s key series, but his gun dropped in the vehicle.
“Panchal hauled off his automobile from the place after shoving Selot away. A head constable attempted to discontinue Panchal, however, the latter didn’t stop and attempted to run him over. On the other hand, the head constable moved off, and Panchal was able to escape,” said an official in the Devgadh Baria police channel.
Afterwards, Selot lodged an offence of attempt to murder, causing harm to block public servant on duty and under Arms Act from Panchal.


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