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The item even surpasses the grade N95 criteria while being comfortable to use

Vadodara: it is a comprehensive mask — by a face guard to ear pads — in order no sensory orifice is left open at the face, encouraging unwanted pathogens within the body.
Along with the item even surpasses the grade N95 criteria while still being comfortable to use.
Meet 23-year old Hetika Shah out of Halol in Panchmahal district that has designed what she’s called the’4S Shield’. “It was called in order that it covers four body components with sensory organs — the nose, mouth, eyes and ears. Pathogens can go through the face protector covers most of,” Shah told TOI. The N99 specification protect developed by Shah utilizes nanofiber cloth she has developed herself.
Eyeing to kickstart her company of chillers, she dabbled with safety gear such as facial covers and gloves which she made for individuals working in waste power to protect them from poisonous fumes created during the processing.
However, as destiny would have it, the Covid-19 pandemic ensured that security gears became her priority because she had insight into substance and approaches to create them. Shah reported that she contacted seasoned physicians treating Covid-19 patients to get further insight.
“The elastic of this mask in addition to the security goggles are around the ears. Doctors explained that their ears pained after wearing them for extended hours. It worst for physicians who wore spectacles. Aside from the pain, eyeglasses also got scraped on account of the security goggles,” said Shah.
“I procure the raw material and supply it to the individual who gets the N99 grade cloth for me personally,” stated the young entrepreneur who’s started getting orders for such face protects with N95 specifications and perhaps even non-woven cloth. Currently she makes about 30,000 masks and face shields daily, including more than 1,000 4S Shields.
Aside form them, Shah also makes N99, N95 and three-ply non-woven cloth masks. All her goods have mandatory certifications. Her efforts have been encouraged from the Student Startup and Innovation Policy of their state authorities in Addition to the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India.
Difference in 4S from different masks
The 4S shied must be attached behind the head and doesn’t have strings within the ears. The ears have been fully covered with al little opening for wires of cans. There’s an opening in the cloth for eyes and it’s sealed with a plastic sheet.


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