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Waterlogged campus in SSG Hospital at Vadodara

Vadodara: Raising concerns concerning health of warriors that are at the frontline in the struggle against Covid-19, as numerous 11 resident physicians of SSG Hospital have tested positive in the previous two days.
Sources stated that although six resident physicians of one component of orthopaedic department have tested positive, five other people from paediatric department also have tested positive.
The amount of resident physicians studying positive at SSG Hospital, Central Gujarat’s largest authorities hospital, has witnessed a sharp increase in last weekly.
Though the government are yet to invent and make public the specific amount of resident physicians who’ve tested positive so far, sources said the amount of these infected inhabitants and advisers could have well exceeded 30 from the pandemic.
Last month, the vast majority of resident physicians and advisors that had tested positive were those that had been sent on deputation to Ahmedabad hospital.
But today, even people resident physicians that aren’t delegated Covid-19 responsibilities are testing positive. Even relatives of a resident physician working with the orthopaedic division, have also tested positive.
Resources stated all resident physicians are being referred to various hospitals. Absence of a uniform policy or agreements by the hospital management and the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) can also be adding to the worries of infected resident physicians. “We’re fighting to make appropriate arrangements for them,” a senior physician told TOI.
“On one hand, we must keep our OPDs, OTs, manage non-Covid patients and on the flip side we’re turning disabled for want of resident physicians, who will be the backbone of the clinic. Unlike Ahmedabad, they’re not provided appropriate lodging”
Last month, the resident physicians had made representation prior to hospital medical superintendent Dr Rajeev Daveshwar demanding resort lodging like Ahmedabad. “Then, they left an agreement with a private hotel. Nonetheless, it’s about the outskirts of town. And we’re advised to create our own travel arrangements,” said a resident physician.
Despite ongoing efforts, Daveshwar couldn’t be contacted for comments.


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