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Chennai: Tamil Nadu and Kerala authorities on Friday made a decision to proceed ahead in executing the Pandiyar-Punnampuzha strategy which envisages use of those west flowing waters of Pandiyar and Punnampuzha rivers that drain into the Arabian Sea. The project is aimed at deflecting the water eastward so that drought-prone regions of TN will profit with the extra reach of hydropower production on each side, sources told TOI.
Throughout the six hour-long assembly in Thiruvananthapuram, both authorities represented by senior officials of irrigation and electricity departments discussed threadbare the inter-state water disputes, such as Parambikulam-Aliyar Project (PAP) that rewards western districts.
“That is simply the first stage in a set of talks being held with Tamil Nadu. Once we are aware of the necessities of the individual conditions, we’ll do the essential homework and go back to the discussion board. We aspire to settle these things amicably as soon as possible, ideally within two to three weeks,” stated Kerala’s water resources ministry K Krishnankutty.
The two authorities set up high committees last year following a meeting of chief ministers of Tamil Nadu and Kerala at Thiruvananthapuram in preceding October. The ongoing debate is that the 2nd official-level assembly, after a deliberation held involving the main ministers of both countries. The previous meeting was held in Chennai between the secretaries of this water source section.
The previous meeting between the main ministers happened in Chennai in 2004. “Kerala is optimistic. They’ve searched details such as where the dam will be, the power of this construction, the access to water, along with the talk that each nation would get along with also the mechanism for compliance,” stated a senior TN government officer. TN government is happy with Kerala’s gesture and it’s consented to split the details in just a week.
Kerala’s most important requirement is regulatory management over three dams in its own land — Parambikulam, Thunakkadavu and Peruvarippalam — that are currently operated by Tamil Nadu within PAP.
The country had, in the preceding assembly, put this proposition instead of permitting Tamil Nadu to divert Nirar water straight into Nellar, which had been being hauled through Kerala’s land. The PAP system contains nine dams and 2 weirs spread over Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
(With inputs from Thiruvananthapuram).


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