Thiruvananthapuram councillors tested negative and positive to Covid 19; all in 4 times | Thiruvananthapuram News


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: With seven company councillors declared favorable for Covid-19 and allegedly tested negative in a period of four times, questions have been raised within the testing protocol and sensitivity of outcomes.
Four councillors were declared optimistic on July 22 and others were announced optimistic on July 23. These were altered to IMG center and get tracing, sample assortment of main contacts, isolation of high risk contacts were initiated after confirmation of illness at seven councillors. All of these were subjected to confirmatory RT PCR evaluation on July 24. The outcomes from NIV Alappuzha revealed they were adverse.
The situation which contributed to confirmatory test are still unknown. It’s learnt that the six councillors were analyzed RT PCR positive originally, among these had been antigen positive. Each of the councillors were asymptomatic. In accordance with the advisory on antigen tests issued by health division, all positive samples must be treated as verified instances and handled according to the present guidelines. The nurse states that there’s not any requirement to reconfirm the favorable results with any evaluations.
RT PCR on a new sample is advised only if the sample is negative in a symptomatic individual. In the event of all councillors, all of these were hospitalized as well as whoever was exposed to antigen evaluation was also curable originally. Health authorities couldn’t state the main reason a confirmatory test was compulsory for councillors. According to officials, occasionally affirmation is done largely in the event of deaths and for seven councillors reconfirmation was performed in NIV Alappuzha. The health officials stated that it might have been delay in receiving the results and then conveying evaluation results that resulted in confusion. “They had been analyzed on July 18 and a single individual was analyzed on July 23. So it might be that their viral load may be by the time that their trials were analyzed throughout reconfirmation,” an official said.
Yet that does not hold good in 1 councillor because he had been tested negative and positive inside a distance of 3 times. The district government and wellness wing are already facing great deal of people flak over the way outcomes are communicated. A fireman hailing from Vlathankara who had been tested positive needed to set a facebook post stating how he had to keep ringing amounts which never replied or maintained asking health staff to disclose the outcome since he needed to combine duty. In his article he explained he was planning to office once he had a call from district medical office requesting for speech and if he asked them if they could tell him the outcome he could avoid spread of disease he had been advised to not visit office. The councillors had also raised the exact same problem in delaying communication of outcomes and a few of them had got included in their duties since no communication has been made after three days of studying.


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