Row over denial of salute to ADMs | Thiruvananthapuram News


Thiruvananthapuram: District collectors of Kozhikode and Malappuram have sought justification from district police chiefs of those 2 districts concerning the action of police employees not to saluting the main guests who had hoisted the national flag Independence Day.
Together with ministers and district collectors quarantine, added district magistrates (officers at the position of deputy collector) were assigned as main guests of party in both districts. However, authorities had refused to provide general salute into the main guests. The district collectors also have taken up the issue with the principal secretary, home secretary and earnings secretary.
The showcause notice issued by Kozhikode district collector Sriram Sambasiva Rao explained that although SP (Kozhikode rural) has been extended a general principle, the ADM, who was the chief guest at the function wasn’t given an overall salute. Rather, the moment the ADM attained the dais, she had been asked to hoist the flag.
Afterwards, once the parade commander had been requested to clarify why it had been done accordingly, the parade commander advised he relied upon the directions of the assistant commissioner (special branch) who subsequently obtained directions from the commissioner of police and the assistant commissioner responsible for the parade. “The assistant commissioner seemingly informed him that the ADM shouldn’t be granted the overall salute, and staying in focus position could be adequate,” the note said.
The note said that these critical lapses by staff to expand overall salute into the ADM who’s the primary guest numbers to dereliction of responsibility, bringing disrepute into a nationwide event and breach of various government requests in this aspect. Additionally, it stated that according to the authorities order issued on August 14 in this respect, the ADMs were assumed to get the salute in Kozhikode and Malappuram. “Furthermore, the disrespect to the main guest that has been identified with the authorities to hoist the national flag independence day amounts to breach, under the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act,” 1971,” it stated.
Meanwhile, Kozhikode city police commissioner A V George explained that the things cited in the note are baseless. “General salute isn’t given to the district collector. It’s awarded only to officers of the rank of DIG and over. Additionally, there’s simply no breach of the National Honour Act, 1971 since the salute was supplied to the national flag in addition to throughout the national anthem,” he explained.


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