Parties may attain consensus on meeting, local body polls | Thiruvananthapuram News


Thiruvananthapuram: Political parties at the LDF and UDF camps are very likely to achieve consensus on the call for program shift at the bypolls to Chavara and Kuttanad meeting chairs and general elections to local bodies, in the all-party assembly convened by chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Friday.
Resources show that the authorities may agree with all the UDF rack that both elections must be postponed in light of this pandemic.
“There might be a consensus about this. Authorities might also encourage postponement of local body elections for a quick spell so the new governing councils will develop by January, rather than November,” sources said. There have been reports that not all parties at the LDF subscribed to the call for postponement of local body elections.
Meanwhile, the BJP state president K Surendran explained that his party was in favour of trying cancellation of meeting byelections. But, BJP didn’t support the call for postponement of local body elections,” he said.
“Postponement of local body elections could severely affect the developmental activities in the country,” Surendran stated here on Thursday.
According to him, both LDF and UDF were dreading backlash in local body elections. “The UDF demand seeking postponement of the elections is odd,” he further added.
The government expects that a joint custody by political parties could help to elicit a favourable decision in the Election Commission.


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