Kerala government personnel’s salary climbed in past seven decades: Report | Thiruvananthapuram News


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A interim report filed by a committee appointed by authorities to rationalize revenue expenditure from the state has discovered that wages, pensions and interest payments form approximately 70% of total revenue cost of the nation. The salary of government workers independently forms 30percent of their cost, and these 3 components collectively contributed to 51percent of the rise in overall revenue expenditure of this country in the past 10 years.
The analysis, prepared by the group headed by Centre for Development Research manager Sunil Mani, has discovered that the typical salary of a state government worker has nearly doubled within the previous seven decades, by Rs 25, 458 a month at 2011-12 to Rs 49, 657 per month at 2018-19.

The wages accruing to teachers in assisted colleges, schools and polytechnics accounts for approximately a third of their entire salary bill of this nation, though there’s been a substantial decrease in the growth rate of their wages in this industry, the committee discovered. The pensions are consuming a substantial revenue expenditure also. While the country has just 46% population compared to Tamil Nadu, which has the greatest total quantity of pension obligations among the nations, Kerala’s absolute retirement amounts have been 69percent of the of Tamil Nadu, the committee observed.
Approximately 65percent of public-sector workers are focused in education, police and public health, where the education industry alone creates 46percent of the entire amount of government workers. The committee discovered that approximately 25,000 individuals combine the nation government support each year, and should the state authorities contemplate paying just 75percent of their emoluments during the probation period, approximately Rs 66 crore could be saved.
In accordance with the funding amounts for 2020-21, the country is estimated to shell out Rs 73,845 crore on payment of wages, pensions, and curiosity. This is 4 percent higher than the revised estimate of 2019-20 (Rs 70,903 crore). These dedicated liabilities consume up 64percent of the nation’s revenue receipts.
The committee found that many of built-up spaces are lying under government departments and organisations. A list of properties under with authorities ought to be preserved and unutilized spaces may be utilized optimally across divisions and businesses rather than taking new office spaces on rent. The recent conclusion of this authorities to occupy a brand new area in a private construction on rent for Rebuild Kerala Initiative had encouraged staunch criticism.


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