Currently, health employees advised just 7-10 days quarantine in Kerala | Thiruvananthapuram News


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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The state health department has come out with revised recommendations for healthcare workers. Employees wear 10 days constant duty in Covid optimistic ICUs are advised 10-day quarantine while people at isolation wards for 10 days always will need to go on quarantine for seven days.
Those working in Covid suspect ICUs might need to work for seven days followed by seven days of quarantine.
The rule has also implied that throughout the eighthour duty a day, that the healthcare workers will need to operate four hours wearing PPE and yet another four hours with no PPE. There’ll be three shifts every day.
Currently, healthcare workers, including physicians, do 14-evening obligation at a stretch followed by 14-day quarantine.
An expert committee appointed by the state authorities had proposed alteration in the guidelines in the aftermath of the growth in the amount of instances.
In light of the increasing quantity of Covid-19 instances and to avoid medical care workers from becoming infected, it is now crucial that invaluable human resources from the health industry are utilized judiciously, stated Rajan N Khobragade, chief secretary (wellness ).
A need-based obligation arrangement will be reached by district medical officers and hospital superintendents of medical college hospitals.
A 3 tier system of human resource management to Covid care has also been suggested: Staff directly involved in care of Covid-19 instances, off-duty pool and personnel involved with care of non-Covid patients.
There are also an extra group, which will be the emergency replacements to encourage these 3 tier personnel in the event of greater patient load or in case any personnel needs to be relieved of obligation.
The emergency replacements or back up staff for the aid of isolation facilities shouldn’t be included with the direct patient care from Covid duty.
Additionally, a team district pool containing of 15 personnel in every class should also be made available in the district level to substitute any employees which will need to be set under isolation or personnel who cannot attend work because of a relative being put under isolation. A similar pool ought to be held in most medical school hospitals too.


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