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Thiruvananthapuram: In an run-up into the local body election, the CPM condition secretariat on Friday chose to populate a grassroot effort from the politics of violence being promoted by the Congress at the country. The party leadership believed that the Congress leadership ought to be subjected about the murder of 2 DYFI activists at Venjaramoodu, Thiruvananthapuram.
Party state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, who briefed the press about the celebration deliberations, also responded to allegations against his son Bineesh Kodiyeri, stating nobody could protect him if he’s found guilty in the Bengaluru medication or golden smuggling cases. “Whoever claims to have proof against him must pass them to the fundamental agencies probing these scenarios,” he explained.
The CPM state secretary stated Bineesh had clarified his stance on the fees. “The efforts to target me emotionally wouldn’t succeed. I am prepared to confront this and worse. Allow the media trial and evaluation continue,” he explained.
On the celebration effort, Balakrishnan said mass parties would be organised throughout the country on Congress violence on September 23, the martyrdom day of Azheekodan. “MLAs and people’s representatives will attend these events to be held according to the Covid-19 protocol,” he explained.
The celebration will also occupy other styles of effort to expose the violent politics practised by the Congress. The direction has appealed to employees to not have provoked by the resistance acts, ” he explained.
Balakrishnan said the CPM country secretariat had made a decision to offer financial aid to families of Mithilaj and Haq Mohammed that had been killed in Venjaramoodu late on Sunday night. “The celebration will assume the education of the children; we will not enable the households to become orphaned,” he explained.
The celebration country secretariat also targeted the Congress because of its”negative politics”. “The Congress was silent on several problems of conflict between the country and the Centre. The newest is that the GST issue, in which the country is refused Rs 16,000 crore in arrears. We’ve demanded it ardently; the CM as well as the finance ministry have written letters to the Centre, which needs the country to borrow cash to compensate this. What’s the Congress stand on it? Did they say anything? ,” he inquired.
He questioned the Congress’s silence on the 100-afternoon jobs declared by the LDF government. “There are several radical decisions. There’s a job to supply laptops to five lakh students. Can the Congress say anything else? Can they have some hint on this?” he asked.
The celebration secretariat has directed district committees to begin getting ready for the entire body polls. It’s asked party leaders to think of innovative effort thoughts in the aftermath of Covid-19 limitations. Number


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