CM’s 4-hour-long response tests oppn’s patience | Thiruvananthapuram News


Thiruvananthapuram: Chief minister Pinarayi Vjayan analyzed the patience of resistance members at the House by providing almost a four-hour response to the discussion about the no-confidence movement contrary to his authorities .
The chief minister that started his address in 5. 30pm — also concluded it in 9. 15pm — moved on to list the progress report of each section throughout the previous four-and-a-half decades. This irked resistance members — mute audiences for nearly 3 hours — that trooped to the well of the home shouting slogans. They declared that the chief minister was running off in the allegations levelled against the administration.
But, the speaker stated he can’t intervene because the head of their meeting and also opposition leader have particular privileges while talking in the home.
Unleashing a scathing assault on the leadership vacuum at the All-India Congress Committee, Vijayan said senior leaders of this party are at loggerheads over the option of leadership.
“Rahul Gandhi himself has come from a lot of senior leaders believed they are acting at the behest of the BJP. It’s a simple fact that there are leaders that are prepared to change if the BJP comes out with great deals. How do people of the nation trust this type of celebration?” He explained.
The UDF’s components have lost trust from the Congress and this can be reflected in the meeting now. The people of this country have lost the confidence from the UDF, which became evident from the byelections held to Vattiyoorkavu, Konni and Pala meeting chairs. The LDF that came into power with 91 chairs increased its potency to 93 within its final four-year principle, the CM said.
Vijayan briefly touched allegations over gold-smuggling situation and Life Mission project. He explained there isn’t any foundation for the accusations connecting his workplace into the gold-smuggling case. NIA hasn’t approached my workplace or the authorities secretariat. They’ve sent a letter to the general government section,” the CM said.
The authorities had asked the Centre to purchase an extensive inquiry. “We’re open to any query and have just supported the NIA evaluation,” he explained. The CM also defended his cabinet K Jaleel, who he said hadn’t done anything out of their way whilst handling the UAE consulate. Vijayan said his administration won’t return to the Life Mission job. The CM maintained that individuals of this nation have confidence in his administration as they conscious of the work it’s done.


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