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The CM personally examined Muzhuppilangad-Dharmadom shore project (Rs 233 cr) and Thalassery heritage job…Read

Thiruvananthapuram: Using survey announcement expected from the first week of March 2021, the government is in a rush to showcase its accomplishments prior to the public. Currently, tourism division has named 17 job engineers for tracking its endeavors values Rs 314 crore.
The job tracking mobile will have one job engineer in every district along with 2 project engineers and a technical assistant in tourism headquarters. The costs due to their appointment is projected at Rs . 41 crore and it features remuneration, automobile costs, procuring technical apparatus etc.,
The mobile has been included for carrying out daily updation of job tracking system, the chief minister’s office portalsite, advancement verification of central and state endeavors.
The section has strategies worth Rs 320. 14 crore in the current fiscal year. While tourism directorate implements projects worth Rs 307. 11 crore, the remaining part of the plan allocation is shared between KTDC (Rs 9 cr), Bekal Resorts Development Corporation (Rs 2.5 cr) and KTIL (Rs 1. 53 cr). Till Aug 31, the cost by the section stood at Rs 122. 60 crore (38.6percent of program allocation), which is a lot superior than the average (19. 71percent for 53 departments).
Along with this 12 mega jobs which are directly tracked by the CM with Feb 28, 2021 since the end deadline, the government has asked all departments to finish as many jobs as you can.
In June, the chief minister had reviewed Muzhuppilangad-Dharmadom shore project and Thalassery heritage job and had instructed officials to commence the essential CRZ clearance to the shore undertaking. The shore project is worth 233. 72 crore. The Thalassery heritage job, worth Rs 142.5 crore, is distributed across Kannur, Kozhikode and Wayanad.
“The jobs in tourism are of high priority to the authorities particularly when the nation’s unique selling proposition is tourism which has been severely hit following Covid outbreak,” said government resources.
From the circular issued from the overall government division on Thursday — addressed to each of division secretaries, heads of line departments, heads of PSUs and collectors — that the government has requested them to complete all of ongoing schemes, programmes and works prior to March to ensure seeking approval from election commission could be averted once version code of conduct comes into force.
However, at precisely the exact same period, a question also arises: will stunt job tracking cells at the previous minute be just another waste of public money. “There are numerous departments running several jobs and strategies. Those departments aren’t running project tracking cells to guarantee the timely conclusion of the jobs,” sources added.


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