Maharashtra: MNS employees protest against inflated electricity bills in Ambernath | Thane News


AMBERNATH: The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) employees on Thursday cautioned against’inflated’ energy bills in Ambernath.
Throughout the demonstration, MNS Ambernath town president Kunal Bhoir jeopardized the power department by attractive to taxpayers that when any power department staffer arrives to accumulate invoice or to disconnects power line, they’ll teach a lesson . As a demonstration mark, they ripped cash from people and gave the exact same to MSEDCL officials.
Bhoir, throughout demonstration, stated that because of coronavirus and lockdown, individuals are within their homes for the previous four to five weeks and several have lost their jobs. Despite this rather than waiving off power charge, the government is delivering inflated electricity bills and harassing them.
Meanwhile, in american Ulhasnagar city also taxpayer groups are protesting against inflated electricity bills. An activist Moti Ludhwani at Ulhasnagar has begun online petition advocating chief minister Uddhav Thackeray to fend off power bills for the previous four weeks and also to waive off half power invoice from July onward up to December till situation becomes normalised. Ludhwani explained that because of coronavirus and lockdown in town 90% taxpayers have dropped their everyday earning and it’ll require two to three weeks to normalise the situation until then authorities should bill 50% invoices only.


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