Maharashtra: Fed up with civic body, corporator fills potholes on Kalyan-Malang street | Thane News


In Kalyan-Dombivli potholes have turned up because of rains at many streets causing significant inconvenience to people.

KALYAN: Fed up without a response despite many complaints regarding potholes on Kalyan-Malang street in that previously few individuals have died because of potholes, the local corporator Kunal Patil, as protest against KDMC (Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation) on Friday stuffed some potholes by spending his own cash.
From the five-star potholes have turned up because of rains at many streets causing major annoyance to people.
Likewise on among significant 4.2 kilometers Kalyan- Malang street located in Kalyan (East), individuals are confronting significant annoyance as potholes are there anyplace on street while the whole street on 200 meters elongate Dwarli village has fully washed off as a result of rain.
Patil told TOI,”Looking at awful state of road. Many times before Ganesh festival, I’d demanded KDMC to fill potholes but they didn’t listen. So now I decided to fill some part of potholes by spending my money to wake up the government up so that they fill staying potholes on the elongate”.
When asked about the problem, Prashant Bhujbal, deputy engineer of KDMC stated,”The Growing of street work on 200 meter stretch on Dwarli part is pending due to reimbursement problem by villagers but to fulfill potholes we’re waiting for the rain to stop so that we are able to fill potholes or in lack of appropriate drainage line system through rain the streets has washed off”.
Bhujbal stated,”Considering that the rains have ceased we’ve intended to fill potholes in just a week”.


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