Gagangiri complex inhabitants oppose KDMC’s consent to private hospital for treating Covid sufferers | Thane News


KALYAN: Approximately 500 inhabitants from posh Gagangiri Enclave housing complex in Kalyan have compared Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation’s conclusion of giving permission to a private hospital located on the complex first floor to behave as a Covid-19 one.
The inhabitants said, KDMC by providing consent to the hospital to acknowledge Covid-19 patients who has only 13 beds, has recently placed life of about 500 family members living 100 apartments of Gagangiri Sophisticated under threat.
The residents alleged that the hospital has started lobby for a single wing in which employees keeps moving windows and out of rooms housing that the patients can also be open to the construction chemical, which can be congested.
The residents are afraid that the hospital, that was given consent for announcing Covid patients after begins its operations out of July 27 may cause danger of illness to the occupants of society.
Shailesh Narkar, residents from construction stated,”We need the KDMC to cancel its own consent of declaring Covid-19 sufferers since it might be quite risky for taxpayers in our construction”.
Considering the threat of disease and on taxpayers’ requirement, Shiv Sena MLA Vishwanath Bhoir from Kalyan (West) and neighborhood BJP corporator Arjun Bhoir also have written to KDMC commissioner Vijay Suryawanshi rough to offset hospital’s consent for therapy of Covid-19 patients.
When asked about dilemma Dr Vijay Suryawanshi, KDMC commissioner stated,”I shall look into the matter weather consent is granted according to review management coverage or not and when we discovered it isn’t appropriate will cancel its consent for Covid therapy”.
In Kalyan-Dombivli since Covid-19 instances are climbing, KDMC has given permission to many private hospitals for Covid remedies. Currently, around 24 private hospitals are converted to Covid ones.


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