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THANE: The Covid concerns are still haunt many Thane societies which still continue to apply lockdown to get outsiders especially contractors leaving residents to survive longer for getting routine maintenance or critical fixing functions of domestic consumer products.
It could be said that many gadgets such as air conditioners, refrigerators, dish washer and TV amongst others were optimally used throughout the lockdown period and required timely upkeep. But, together with all the Covid frighten climbing, many societies denied access to such technicians mentioning potential contamination regrettably unmindful of the hassles which citizens confronted because of this.
A society in Hiranandani property here has clearly mandated that technicians like delivery boys are strictly banned from entering the premises even as Covid instances here have not been high. Inconvenienced inhabitants such as R Nair says that the issue is known however such blanket bans may wind up causing bigger hardships for taxpayers instead. Another society has limited entrance and favors entrance to those attending crises.
“I’ve few digital gadgets which required repairs and maintenance but’m forced to opt to suffer in silence or try fixing myself. My culture has barred outsiders unmindful that we’re suffering. There’s not much which could be achieved unless you gets to confrontation together,” said Nair.
Another resident complained he needed to bribe his geyser manually and then take it to the tech who had been disallowed to enter into the premises. “I ended up dismantling the geyser as my culture members were strict about not letting any outsider inside the complicated,” stated the resident requesting anonymity.
Technicians attending these complaints whined they’re also plagued at many complexes and frequently turned off. “Nowadays, we’re asking residents to wait until their culture eases criteria or bring the gadget down into the gate at which it could be removed for servicing. But, it isn’t simple for bulky things like refrigerator, AC, washing machines,” stated a tech.
Meanwhile, the few societies such as the one at Saket in which they’ve deployed a group of in-house technicians that help residents with main level snags. Minakshi Mishra, a resident states,”Our complex has technicians that attend primary snags in digital gadgets or flows in pipelines without people needing to call for assistance from outside. In this manner, there’s limited exposure and likelihood of contamination is minimised,” said Mishra.
But, activists said societies ought to come over this issue and make sure precautions in the entrance points instead of applying such blanket bans. “It’s wrong within those societies to bar entry of outsiders. It’s more wise to have compulsory scans at the entry instead of merely alerting technicians whose existence will be required to attend some snags or perhaps maintenance problems. We encounter several complaints and we strive to cause them to be adaptive but nevertheless guarantee security,” said Sitaram Rane, home activist out of Thane district.


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