At 436 instances, Kalyan-Dombivli records maximum one-day rise | Thane News


KALYAN: The cost at Kalyan-Dombivli touched 101 on Saturday, together with 5 new deaths. The town reported its greatest one-day growth in cases on Saturday also –436 sufferers, taking the tally to 5,309. Of those who died, four were over the age of 60.
Officials said the increase in cases was due to improved testing capability. Of those 5,000-and cases, two,129 have regained.
On Friday, the Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation enforced lockdown in 32 areas. KDMC has opted to take local assistance to apply lockdown principles and follow suspected Covid patients. With 11 associates per day, 32 teams have been formed for its purpose.The members comprise corporators, ward managers, policemen, doctors, local politicians, social activists, grocery shopkeepers, medical owners, amongst others.


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